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Weekly Reader – September 7, 2015

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, September 7

This Labor Day, Remember There Is Power in a Union (NCRP blog) NCRP understands that the ties that bind organized labor to the philanthropic sector are deep and strong. Philanthropy that empowers marginalized communities and prioritizes their voices in discussions to develop solutions to systemic inequality is a natural complement to labor organizing.

Tuesday, September 8

Understanding the drivers of the closing space for philanthropy (Future World Giving) It is the best and worst of times for global philanthropy. Philanthropy is spreading to new frontiers, but scores of countries are imposing regressive laws that limit the scope of activities which philanthropists are able to fund.

Wednesday, September 9

Putting the 10 common claims about Impact Bonds to the test (Sophie Gardiner and Emily Gustafsson-Wright, Brookings) If the intervention does not achieve outcomes, the government does not pay investors at all. The provision of upfront capital differentiates SIBs from other Payment by Results contracts.

Thursday, September 10

Why Success Sometimes Eludes Community Efforts to Fight Social Problems (Willa Seldon and Meera Chary, The Chronicle of Philanthropy) Even in the most successful efforts, supporters are finding that achieving the hoped-for results takes many more years — and lots more perseverance — than anybody expected.

Friday, September 11

#FailEpic Continued (Chris Cardona of the Ford Foundation for Philanthropy News Digest) I see two conversations worth pursuing, given the interest my original post has generated as part of an overall mini-trend toward more reckoning with failure in philanthropy.




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