What’s your feedback on feedback?

Effective feedback has benefits for the giver, the receiver and the wider organization, however, 47 percent of funders are not soliciting feedback from grantees. Feedback, both positive and negative, is very helpful and that valuable information can be used to make important decisions.

But the stories of those already hearing from grantees are powerful. The Center for Effective Philanthropy has answers to your burning questions based on their work with hundreds of funders over the last decade. CEP even highlights 3 funders in a short video, seen here.

So naturally, we want your feedback! Do you think grantee feedback is necessary and is your organization soliciting feedback?

Is grantee feedback necessary?

Is your organization soliciting feedback?

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Leah Farmer

Leah Farmer is PEAK Grantmaking's marketing coordinator and focuses on providing marketing tools and resources to our members. She assists in writing for and producing PEAK Grantmaking's website and publications and developing outreach campaigns to raise awareness of our brand.