Why Foundations Should Pay Attention to Radical Thinkers

As reported in the Chronicle of Philanthropy:

When nonprofits and foundations have been trying to solve a problem for a long time, they often try the same approaches over and over again. Group think pervades the staff, and soon nobody tries new ideas.

That’s why Bradford Smith, president of the Foundation Center, says grant makers and other organizations should look outside of their walls and seek out leaders and groups who have a sense of “fierce individuality” and originality that sets them apart from the establishment.

Too often, grant makers turn away from such people because they don’t fit the mold of what they expect in a nonprofit leader or employee. That can be a mistake, Mr. Smith says.

“Every once in a while, throw out the rule book,” he says.

In this episode of Making Change, Mr. Smith explains why this emphasis on questioning old ways is one of six factors he believes promote lasting change.

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