What People Are Saying About PEAK Grantmaking

We’ve shared some insights and reflections on our name change on the blog. Here are some posts you can revisit to see what people are saying about PEAK Grantmaking.

The (R)evolution of Grants Management (Michelle Greanias) What has changed dramatically is the scope of the work we do and the people who are responsible for it. The rapid pace of change can make this feel much more like a revolution than an evolution to those of us in the midst of it.

From Humble Beginnings (Ursula Stewart) I’ve seen the role of the grants manager evolve first hand. We are moving beyond traditional networking and becoming influencers of organizational impact. We are continually addressing how the work we do affects an organization’s ability to meet its mission. We are coming out of the back office and are the inspired change makers leading our organizations into the 21st Century.

Going Big and Bold (Ericka Novotny) PEAK Grantmaking – Practice Meets Purpose, inspires us to show the larger philanthropic sector that we are living our organizational values. As members, we intend to use this big and bold change to drive the future success of our work.

Constantly Striving (Liz Donohue) The new name embodies what we all aspire to be. Being at our best, means constantly striving to balance grantee needs with the needs of our own work and our foundations.

Driving The Future snip

Our new name is a strategy that comes directly from our 2017-2019 strategic plan, and we asked members to share their perspectives on specific parts of the plan.

Setting A Vision For Our Future (Marc McDonald and Christopher Percopo) The primary focus has and will continue to be what is most important to us as an organization and that is highlighting the criticality of grants management and its evolution to our members and across the philanthropic sector.

Improve Philanthropy, Improve The World (Michelle Greanias) According to the Foundation Center, 86,726 foundations distributed more than $60 billion in 2014 alone — transforming countless lives, communities, & ecosystems.

Still The One (Jane Ward) PEAK Grantmaking’s new strategic plan lays out renewed dedication to professional development, even for a seasoned grants manager like me.

The Way We Do The Things We Do (Javier Sanchez) The grantmaking process is never identical, grantee to grantee, but there are commonalities. Applications that come in are coded and assigned; grantmakers perform due diligence; grants are approved, paid, and monitored.

What You See Is What You Get (Deena Lauver Scotti) Grantmaking doesn’t stop with ‘how.’ Organizationally and personally, ‘why’ is just as important. Your foundation fulfills a mission, and how you make grants expresses that mission and the values behind it.

Calling For Collaboration (Candy Champion) Utilizing the knowledge base and my colleagues has resulted in efficiencies in my work that afford me the opportunity to do more.