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PEAK Grantmaking

About Us

Where practice meets principle

PEAK Grantmaking is a vibrant member-led community of professionals who specialize in grants management for funding organizations. Together, we power knowledge and foster collaboration to advance equitable, effective grantmaking practice – transforming how grants get made. 

Our Vision

We envision an equitable world in which people have the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

Our Mission

We advance grantmaking so grantmakers and grantseekers can best achieve their missions.

We connect members of the grantmaking profession, offer educational opportunities for grants management professionals at all levels, and guide grantmakers in strengthening practices – improving outcomes for grantmakers and grantseekers alike.

Our Values

To accomplish our mission and realize our vision, PEAK Grantmaking bases its decisions and actions on six core organizational values:  community; diversity, equity, and inclusion; integrity; learning; partnership; and transparency.


Our Commitment to Equity

Grants management – the home of philanthropy’s policies and practices – must play a significant role in implementing practices that advance equity in every grantmaking organization.


Our Story

PEAK Grantmaking is a member-led organization that began in New York City with two grants managers meeting informally to discuss shared experiences at their foundations. Soon, they engaged other colleagues and, as membership grew, an open and participatory network developed.

Under the name Grants Managers Network (GMN), the organization expanded nationally in 1996, with support from the Rockefeller Family Fund; incorporating in 2006 as a 501(c)(3) public charity.

In 2017, GMN became PEAK Grantmaking to more boldly and persuasively convey the strategic value of grants management professionals and practices in realizing philanthropy’s full potential to fuel change for good.

Our Strategy

PEAK Grantmaking is the only professional organization of its kind focused on getting the how of philanthropy right. With a growing membership and a plan to strengthen, expand, and sustain its field leadership and educational programming, PEAK is positioned to lead philanthropy to achieve more equitable, effective grantmaking practices.

We are empowering members to lead change within their organizations, and lifting up the profession and practice of grants management, efforts rooted in and deeply supported by our Principles for Peak Grantmaking.

Read our latest annual report to learn about recent progress.

PEAK Grantmaking believes transparency strengthens public trust, community engagement, and collaboration and strives to live up to these values in its website.

Janet Camarena, Candid