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PEAK Grantmaking

Link grantmaking practices with grantmaker values, integrating values throughout every aspect of grantmaking to propel the mission.

PEAK Grantmaking calls on funders to thoughtfully examine how their values are reflected in their practices and ensure consistency between what they say and what they do.

Grantmaking practices that reflect an organization’s values, aspirations, priorities, and point of view are the basis for trusting relationships between grantseekers and grantmakers.
As the champions of grantmaking practice, grants management staff are positioned to support their organization to tie practices to values and set strategic goals related to improving grantmaking practice.
Board members and senior leaders at grantmaking organizations should provide the space and flexibility for grantmaking staff to lead the way in aligning practices with values.
Key Questions:
  • What are your strategic goals for improving your grantmaking practices?
  • How should your grants management function and roles be structured to support equitable and effective grantmaking?
  • How can you approach organization change courageously when you identify grantmaking practices that are misaligned with organization values?
  • What skills and knowledge does your team need to tie your grantmaking practices to your organization’s values?