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PEAK Grantmaking

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Lead the Conversation: How to Build Coalitions for Change

Organization Members Only

Planning for change requires a whole-organization effort, and it can often start with courageous conversations. Often, we see only our positional power as it relates to the senior leadership, or to the board of directors – but how can we use the power that we do possess in order to move toward more equitable, effective, and efficient grantmaking practice?

This guide will help you learn how to:

  • Make the case through focusing on shared values, giving change a human face, accessing benchmarking and data, and calculating the costs of change (or not changing!).
  • Build coalitions for change and take the brave step of starting a courageous conversation.
  • Create space, a case, and a personalized approach for discussing grantmaking practice change with your colleagues and reaching consensus regarding the action steps to take.