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For 25 years, PEAK Grantmaking has been elevating and empowering grants professionals to operationalize principled grantmaking practices. Your contribution will help our nonprofit—and our growing community of more than 6,000 philanthropy professionals—to make equity-centered, values-driven grantmaking a reality. Thank you for supporting PEAK and helping to transform philanthropy!


This GuideStar seal reads, "Platinum Transparency 2022" in the top half. On the bottom half, the Candid logo simply reads, "Candid."


Our Latest Donors

Thank you for your generous contribution to PEAK Grantmaking! We couldn’t do it without you.


Kevin Bolduc


Caryn Sweeney


Miyesha Perry


Juan Mayet


Ify Mora


Rebecca Van Sickle


Thank you for 25 amazing years! -1892 consulting team

Rebecca Van Sickle


Here's the next 25 years of PEAK Grantmaking!

Bridget DeLeon


Tiauna George


Adam Sanders


Happy 25th Anniversary PEAK!



Janet Camarena


Jim Gallagher


25 years young! Happy anniversary PEAK.

p.s. I will submit this for a matching gift from my foundation for total of $300

Steven Casey


Margaret Egan


Sending grace and gratitude to some of the hardest working professionals in philanthropy.

Janet Disla


So happy to be a part of the PEAK board and community!

Satonya Fair


Happy Anniversary PEAK! I'm thrilled to support the people behind this amazing organization.

Timothy Robinson


Board service donation.

Adam Liebling


Happy anniversary PEAK!

Jane Ward


So grateful to be a part of this amazing community. -Jane

Adriana Jimenez


Allison Gister


Jina Freiberg


Happy 25th anniversary, PEAK!

Joshua Abel


Madison West


Thank you!



AS promised during our trivia contest at our PEAK 2021 Online virtual cocktail hour

Richerd Winton


PEAK 2021 Conference Fee Donation

Michelle Greanias


Responding to Gary's call for donations from past board members.

Satonya Fair


Happy Anniversary PEAK Grantmaking!!!! We would not be hear without our founders!

Kevin Bolduc


Congrats on 25 years PEAK! I'm honored to be a part of the board and inspired every day by members all across the community.