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Case Study Deep Dive (Oral and Alternate Reporting Working Group)

This working group on oral and alternate grant report options was formed from a CONNECT thread and provides a forum where peers can share processes, lessons learned, and plans for engaging in this work together.

This session builds on the group’s first two sessions and will explore Trust-Based Philanthropy’s approach to context building and key takeaways from funders that currently accept alternative methods for reporting.


Shaady Salehi
Trust-Based Philanthropy

Amber Eby
Grants Specialist
Maddie’s Fund

Irene Chansawang
Grants Specialist
Maddie’s Fund

Ashley Clark
Director of Operations
The Libra Foundation

Jenny Herrera
Grants Associate
The Libra Foundation


Rachel Kimber
Grants Manager
Arcus Foundation

Blanch Vance
Grants Manager
Grove Foundation


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