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PEAK Grantmaking

A Note of Gratitude From the PEAK Team

“So often in life, things that you regard as an impediment turn out to be great, good fortune.” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg
This was a year like none other. As we close out 2020, we wish to express our gratitude for your unwavering support. It is only through the dedication of our sponsors, funders, vendors, consultants, partners, and – most importantly – our member community that we could end this year claiming that, despite it all, this year was a great one for PEAK Grantmaking.

Our community expanded in so many ways: We welcomed over a hundred contributing member organizations and 1,500 individual members – growing our peer community to a record 450 grantmaking institutions and 5,500 professionals. We welcomed new funders, partners, board members, volunteers, and collaborators, each of whom has contributed to the successful launch of our Principles work, to our chapters, and to our programs, tools, and other resources.

When meeting in person wasn’t possible, PEAK members charted a new path in the virtual space, with nearly 5,000 unique participants engaging at PEAK2020 Online, chapter meetings, Community Conversations, and webinars – more than double the engagement of our previous year.

More than 200 members stepped up as volunteers, generously sharing your time, expertise, and treasure. You identified new ways to support and invest in our work. You contributed to our relaunched Journal as writers and editors. You served on our Board of Directors; as chapter leaders and volunteers; in committees, working groups, and advisory councils. You spoke out. You convened. You made this year a success, and we could not be more proud or thankful.

For helping us realize new milestones and set the stage for a groundbreaking 25th anniversary year, we salute you. Enjoy a safe and wonderful holiday season, and cheers to a new year. Thanks to your support, we know it will be rich with possibility!

In gratitude,

Akeem, Altinay, Betsy, Carolyn, Clare, Dolores, Elizabeth, Melissa, Sara, and Satonya
– The PEAK Grantmaking Team