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PEAK Grantmaking

Counting Down to an Upgrade of Our Public Website

As we all launch into a new quarter next week, PEAK Grantmaking will launch our new public website—the first upgrade of our public site in several years. The new site, at the same web address, will provide improved ease of use, updated functionality, and a more contemporary look that highlights our member focus.

As with so many of our PEAK Grantmaking efforts, our members were integral to the site’s development. Small groups of members, chapter leaders, and board directors offered ideas and insights all along the way. Our members even helped us test the site, so we could fix any issues before the launch. In feedback to us, those volunteers described the new site as “streamlined,” “modern,” and “engaging.”

The new website conveys a more deliberate emphasis on members—thanks in part to our members’ guidance. It offers easier-to-follow, more intuitive navigation. It incorporates compliance standards that make it more user friendly for people with disabilities. And it delivers greater transparency around PEAK Grantmaking policies and governance. Plus, it’s a better reflection of PEAK Grantmaking’s brand, mission, and strategy.

Now that we have upgraded and created a stronger, more stable public website, we are positioned to tackle upgrades to our separate member microsites—LEARNCONNECT, and our member center. We want to better align them with our public site for greater consistency and ease of use for all. (We’ll share news about that work, once it’s underway.)

PEAK Grantmaking’s websites are designed to foster collaboration, enhance skills, and promote proven practices—allowing grantmaking organizations to more effectively fulfill their missions.

We hope you’ll find our new public website a valuable tool in your work to advance your organization and your grantees’ missions. Bookmark it and return regularly for new and exciting information, connections, guidance, and support.