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PEAK Grantmaking

#PEAK2021online in 21 Tweets

PEAK2021 may be over, but those eight days of thought leadership remain as vivid as ever. This is thanks in part to the social media engagement we saw during the event as PEAK and its members used the #PEAK2021online hashtag to elevate the stories and insights they were hearing live during each session. To close out this year’s conference, we combed through our conference social media wall and selected the tweets from us—and you—that highlight some of the most resonant messages that elucidate how grants professionals can help their organizations to be more equitable, and values-aligned, and build up communities in the process. Of course, this is only a fraction of the conversation. Be sure to follow #PEAK2021online on Twitter to see more insights from our speakers and PEAK members.


“How can my power and privilege be in service of you?” @MsLaToshaBrown
Jennifer Katell @jkatell

“Philanthropy, you have an opportunity. This is our moment. We don’t have to be transactional or continue the way we’ve been continuing. Part of the paradigm of change is changing ourselves.” @MsLaToshaBrown

Are we being bold enough, given this time?
Kim Foster @KimFosterCons

Incredible opening keynote at #PEAK2021online from @MsLaToshaBrown @PEAKgrantmaking @BlackbaudFS “Racism ain’t working out for white folks so well either…” Damn right. Racism hurts us all, maybe not equally, but it’s not good for any of us.
Ray Borkman, @Ray.Borkman

What does it mean to build Black power? “To me, Black power means self determination. It means the ability to control your own destiny and for that to be mirrored in the world around you.” —@JessicaLBYRD, in “Build Lasting Change: Investing in BIPOC-Led Non 501(c)(3) Organizations is Legal”

Ask whether your foundation has hit a roadback and needs guidance along its DEI journey. “You are not alone, wherever you are on this journey, others are in the same place or, possibly, a little down the road.” Kendra Jones in @PEAKSoutheast chapter meeting

“A just transition in #philanthropy means rejecting the relation of wealth and power and instead redistribute wealth, democratize power and shift economic control back to communities,” says Maria Nakae of @justicefunders
Astrik S. Tenney @astrik_tenney

“For us, racial healing is about trying to identify and heal the wounds that have been inflicted because of the history of racism. It’s a combo of relationship building and focus on systems, policies, and practices.” —Oronde Miller @WK_Kellogg_Fdn @PEAKSoutheast

“We looked at our entire grantmaking process and didn’t serve the organizations we served. We reimagined what was possible and stepped into our values.” ––@elainemui, General Service Foundation

“Perfection is the enemy of progress” @KerrinMitchell of @fluxxlabs quoting Winston Churchill, calling upon #funders to try new things & adopt a standardized taxonomy to better understand inner locking impacts of collaborative #philanthropy
Kari Aanestad @AanestadKari

“Shift from extractive to regenerative practices that minimize work on the part of the organization so that they can get the resources they need to do their work, such as making multi-year general operating grants.” —Maria Nakae @justicefunders

What does it take to get on same side of table w/grantee partners? Say “partners” tho don’t accompany on path, e.g. set up for app process that is months long. Once make grant, think now best friends when actually an adversarial relationship. @CHayling
Caitlin Duffy @DuffyinDC

“See your role not as a limiting factor, but one that can unleash tremendous change within an organization. Can you see systems for what they are and can you begin to think about how to strategically go about changing systems?” —Michael McAfee @mikemcafee06 @policylink

“Put the power in the hands of BIPOC leaders on who gets funding, who gets money and what gets done. Funders no longer should be in the driver’s seat deciding what work gets funded—the community should decide that.” —Amanda Navarro @policylink

“Race doesn’t determine whether or not one will win or lose. … If all of us have opportunity, we’ll all benefit from that opportunity. It is not a zero sum game.” —@ptnewkirk

“We are building this community of philanthropy that includes everyone, its funders, nonprofits, constituents, tech vendors. Everyone working together towards a common goal and vision.”
Grand Victoria Foundation @GVF_IL

“How do you disrupt yourselves to see and make the kinds of changes that are needed in your community and be a part of that change process? Recognize inequity.” —@SWestatWRF @wrfound