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PEAK Grantmaking

Unparalleled Value at PEAK2019

There’s a conference full of concrete resources to elevate your leadership and improve your organization’s practices waiting for you at PEAK2019. Consider just these three critical issues and the multiple opportunities to explore actionable strategies related to them.

First, equitable practices. As philanthropy’s owners of the process of grantmaking, grants management professionals are uniquely positioned to ensure policies and practices do not broaden existing inequities, but rather strengthen support for marginalized communities and grantseekers. Learn how to eliminate bias and disparities in grantmaking practices and in the resulting grants by reviewing every phase of the grantmaking process through an equity lens. Examine how to increase diversity among decision-makers and strengthen trust and credibility between donors and the communities served.

Sessions that address this subject include:
Implementing Equitable Grantmaking Practices
Participatory Grantmaking 101: Inclusive and Effective Strategic Practice
Lessons in Trust-Based Philanthropy
The Power Equation: Equalizing Power for Win/Win Solutions
Pre-Conference Workshop Power in Practice – Leveraging Privilege and Risk in Philanthropy

Second, learning organizations. Grants management is the hub for knowledge management and continuous improvement within grantmaking organizations. Explore your role in linking data collection to organizational learning by transforming data into information and finally into the knowledge needed to improve practices, strategies, and impact. By emphasizing continuous improvement, grantmakers can learn from and alongside grantseekers, grant recipients, peer funders, and others.

Sessions that address this subject include:
Investing in Impact: The Role of Strong Grantee Relationships
From Transactional Grantmaking to Impactful Investing: An Outcomes Framework
Data’s Role in Driving Performance, Internally and Externally
Deal Makers and Deal Breakers: Undercovering Patterns in Our Openness
Getting to Impact: A Measurement Blueprint
Pre-Conference Workshop Turn Knowledge into Action – Build a Learning Grantmaking Organization

Third, compliance. Grants management professionals play a critical role in responsible stewardship—the strong, sound, and transparent management of assets. Reframing this compliance role as responsive stewardship adds a powerful new dimension to our work. Responsive stewardship identifies and manages risk rather than defaulting to risk avoidance. Responsive stewardship anticipates and adapts to the rapid change we face today. Enhance your ability to connect the dots across knowledge, systems, and relationships to assess and manage risk and to seek creative solutions to remove barriers to impact.

Sessions that address this subject include:
Compliance as a Strategic Tool in Complex Grantmaking
Reducing Risk and Communicating about Compliance: Using Intermediaries in Grantmaking
Aligning Investment Strategy and Grantmaking Operations
Navigating Faith and Regulation: Compliance and Competency in Religious Grantmaking

Now multiply the value of all those sessions by four, add a couple dozen opportunities for easier-than-ever networking with members of your peer community, and you get an unparalleled investment.

Join us from March 11 through 13 (or start on March 10 with a pre-conference workshop) in breath-taking Denver and take your grantmaking to new heights.

Register now. Early registration ends February 21.