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Weekly Reader – October 16, 2017

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, October 16

How One Foundation is Stepping Up for Public Research Funding (Tate Williams, Inside Philanthropy) Most people you talk to in science philanthropy will tell you how important public funding for science research is, and they mean it, well aware that their funding is just a small piece of the overall pie.

Tuesday, October 17

Is this $1M Grant a Philanthropic Clue from Amazon and Jeff Bezos? (Danielle Holly, Nonprofit Quarterly) On Friday, Amazon announced a $1 million donation to St. Mary’s Center, a Dorchester, Massachusetts–based nonprofit that provides housing, job training, and other transitional services for homeless women, children, and families.

Wednesday, October 18

5 Questions for…Rye Young, Executive Director, Third Wave Fund (Matt Sinclair Philanthropy News Digest) “What can nonprofits and foundations do to increase self-representation within their organizations? An important first step that many organizations skip is to acknowledge that there is a representation problem in the first place, and to appreciate that this problem does not have an easy fix because it is the result of many factors. There needs to be a conscious effort made to understand how this lack of representation came to be and why it hasn’t been addressed.”

Thursday, October 19

Philanthropy’s Missing Trillions (Jennifer Xia & Patrick Schmitt, SSIR) A demographic wave could soon funnel unprecedented dollars into philanthropy, but few nonprofits are poised to take advantage of the largest wealth transfer in human history.

Friday, October 20

Embracing an Equity Lens in the Organization and Community (Melissa Hall Sommer, SSIR) How a social service organization defined equity and made it a core of its programs for low-income families in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati, Ohio region.

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