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PEAK Grantmaking

Navigate the Legal and Privacy Landscape Surrounding Demographic Data

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Legal and privacy concerns often arise when funders collect and disclose demographic information about individuals. This guide outlines what you need to keep top of mind as you consider the ever-evolving US laws and regulations regarding antidiscrimination, equal protections, privacy, and access.

This resource is part of the Driving Equity With Demographic Data Collection. Each deep dive details key action steps, guiding questions, and additional resources that will provide you with the clarity you need to develop and implement demographic data practices that drive equity. Click the links below to explore the rest of the collection.

*This resource is open to the entire PEAK community. All other resources in this collection are exclusive to Organization Members.

To download all related resources, head to The Driving Equity With Demographic Data Collection.

This guide is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.