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PEAK Grantmaking

Participation, Power, and Philanthropy: Co-Creating Equity with Non-Profits and Communities

Organization Members Only

The desire to have a transformational impact on communities catalyzes and ignites grantmakers in their work. To create the greatest impact, work must be done in tandem with nonprofits and those with lived experience to sufficiently understand the issues and to cocreate a path forward. What does it truly look like to have nonprofits and communities drive this work? When and how should much participation be employed to center this work on community needs?

In this session, you will

  • Hear strategies and stories about how to effectively engage in community-driven philanthropy
  • Engage in dialogue about why participation is important
  • Learn strategies and hear stories about successful participation
  • Link the approach of community-driven philanthropy and positive changes in participation in grantmaking with the ultimate goal of equitable power redistribution in community
  • Use different tools, resources and frameworks to foster greater participation with nonprofits and communities


Aerial Reese
Program Manager
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

Jaser Alsharhan
Program Manager
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations