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PEAK Grantmaking

2021 Annual Report

2021 was a year of turmoil, heartbreak, and immense need. It was also a time when PEAK Grantmaking rallied our community around a call to action: How can philanthropy do better?

Together, we challenged long-held norms in philanthropy and championed more responsive, flexible, and collaborative practices. We amplified our Principles through new resources, programs, and partnerships—leaning into tying practices to values, driving equity, and rethinking what true partnership with nonprofits means. At our convenings, in our forums, and through our communications, we lifted up the voices of our community. And our members engaged deeply with one another for support, resources, ideas, and camaraderie.
Across the year, we made time to both celebrate and reflect on our first 25 years of progress. And we launched into PEAK’s next chapter, mapping priorities and plans to advance a shared vision to transform philanthropy through more equitable, effective grantmaking.

We celebrated—and reflected on—25 trailblazing years.

In preparation for this milestone anniversary, we reconnected with cofounders Margaret Egan, Ann Gael, and Ursula Stewart, along with new and longtime members, to reflect on our organization’s history, evolution, and vision for what’s ahead. When Egan and Gael met for lunch in 1996, they were looking to connect and learn with peers to become better grants management professionals and better support the nonprofits they funded. They became trailblazers. 

We began PEAK’s next chapter.

At our annual meeting, President and CEO Satonya Fair shared plans to carry PEAK forward, drawing on the wisdom we’ve gained to envision our future and chart a way there. At the heart of our plans is the wisdom of this West African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
Our refreshed vision, mission, and purpose now clearly and boldly convey what PEAK needs to be, serving as our new North Star and inspiring all we do. And a new strategic framework with four anchors defines our goals and will guide our work in the years ahead.
Explore the highlights of PEAK’s 25th year. Download our 2021 annual report.