Assessing the How of Grantmaking

As grantmakers, most of us pay attention to what we fund—grantmaking strategy and impact—and who we fund—the grantees we support. But what about how we fund?

Practices matter. Your grantmaking practices are one of the most public—and sometimes one of the only—expressions of your organizational values that grantseekers experience. How do you want the world to see you?

Efficient and effective practices ensure that you direct the maximum amount of resources to mission—both yours and your grantees’. And sound practices and controls increase the public’s confidence in private sector philanthropy, enabling the field to continue its good work.

Working with a group of experienced grants management professionals, we defined five core questions every grantmaker should be able to answer about how it makes grants, recommended indicators to measure the effectiveness of current practices, and advice on how to find and present the results.

The result—Assessing The How of Grantmaking—walks funders through the five core questions and presents key concepts for evaluating and measuring the data you already have access to.

The five core questions are:

  1. Does our grantmaking align with our intentions?
  2. Are our grants structured to be successful?
  3. Are we efficient in our internal processes?
  4. Are we communicating effectively?
  5. Does our process strengthen and support grantees?

Do you know the answers, or where to find them? Assessing The How of Grantmaking is the tool you need to start focusing on evaluating and improving the practices you use to make grants.

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