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Community Conversation | Reimagining Grantmaking

The ways in which philanthropy has interpreted the concepts of risk, trust, and equity continue to drive the processes and practices that dictate what is required in order to get money to grantees and communities. Yet, as grantmakers shift to rapid-response funding in the global pandemic and the outcry for racial justice, these processes and practices have been called into question.

In the fall edition of the PEAK Grantmaking Journal, we highlight all the ways in which the conventional wisdom of “how to make grants” is being upended – and the questions being raised about why, and how, philanthropy can change its notions of what risk, trust, and equity mean in order to meet the challenges of this moment, and evolve to realize its full potential.

Members, join us for an open forum around how grants management professionals are reimagining grantmaking to meet the moment, and planning long-term for the future. We’ll reflect back on 2020, the changes you made, the changes you’d like to keep moving forward – and how.

When registering, please share any specific questions you’d like us to cover.

Facilitated by

Satonya Fair, JD
President and CEO, PEAK Grantmaking




Elizabeth Guthrie
Conference and Events Manager, PEAK Grantmaking




Sara Sanders
Membership Director, PEAK Grantmaking




Jane Ward
Grants Director, Meyer Foundation

Gwyneth Tripp
Grants Manager, Stupski Foundation

Sacha Thompson
Design Strategy Consultant, Stupski Foundation



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