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Council of Michigan Foundations | Courage in Practice: Strategies for Improving Your Grantmaking Practice

Presented in partnership with the Council of Michigan Foundations.

All grantmakers have core values that motivate and inform their work, even if they aren’t explicitly stated. However, those values often aren’t reflected in their grantmaking practices, the most tangible indication to the world of a grantmaker’s values. When grantmaking practices and values are out of sync, grantmakers may be unnecessarily taxing their resources and the nonprofits they serve. It may be time to begin an internal conversation about values and practices.

This workshop will help participants with practical tips for aligning their grantmaking practice with their organization’s values. Often, organizational culture plays a big role in how money gets out the door, so we will also explore the elements of culture that impact your work and devise solutions for leading organizational change from your seat.

During this workshop, participants will:

  • Get clear on what it means to align values and grantmaking practice
  • Outline some specific changes they would like to make to their grantmaking practice
  • Review strategies and examples to help you build consensus for change and manage change for your organization


Melissa Sines, Program and Knowledge Director, PEAK Grantmaking


Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
301 N. Main St., Suite 300
Ann Arbor, MI  48104