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Equity, Real Costs, and Impact (PEAK NorCal)

The Northern California Chapter of PEAK Grantmaking is pleased to present “Equity, Real Costs, and Impact” with David Greco, President and CEO of Social Sector Partners.

Recently many foundations have increased their focus on the issues of equity, inclusive economies, and opportunity for all.  Funders have changed their grantmaking priorities and program areas, engaged in listening tours, and come together to pool resources to advance one of the most important issues of our time.  In the end however, just changing what grantmakers fund will not be enough.  We also need to change how grantmakers fund if we really want to move the needle on these important issues.

We will never achieve our goals with outdated grantmaking practices and policies that neglect investments in capacity and infrastructure. When funding doesn’t cover the full cost of delivering programs, nonprofits close the gap through sweat equity – they overwork and underpay their people, relying on volunteer and in-kind support. While having people volunteer is fantastic, staff continually put in 60-hour weeks without childcare benefits, proper healthcare, or retirement plans. Staff are asked to deliver on a wide range of funder, government, and board expectations while using outdated computer systems, with poor internet service and leaking offices. Aiming for “opportunity for all” through exploiting the employees of nonprofits is no path to success.

How can funders better understand the financial health of their grantees to better support impact without exploiting the sweat equity of their grantees? How can grantmakers better engage in conversations around the programmatic and financial needs of community-based organizations serving economically and socially disadvantaged communities? Join us for an engagingdialogue on what it takes to revitalize grantmaking to better support equity goals as grantees struggle to adapt to the new economic and political realities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Key steps you can take to better support impact without exploiting the sweat equity of your grantees;
  • A better understanding of what it really cost grantees to deliver on mission, and how grant funding can unintentionally undermine equity goals.


David Greco, President and CEO, Social Sector Partners

Happy Hour:

Join the chapter for a happy hour immediately following the workshop to network with colleagues! Special thanks to The Newton and Rochelle Becker Charitable Trust for graciously covering the costs of this opportunity.


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The foundation is located one block from the Montgomery BART and Muni Station. One Bush has a parking lot but is subject to availability. The entrance to the parking lot is on Bush street before crossing Battery Street. The Foundation does not issue validation.

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