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Grant Reporting: What is the Purpose? Linking Values, Vision, and Practice—Action Session, Part 3 of 3 (PEAK Oral and Alternate Reporting Working Group)

This program is the final session of a three-part series for the Oral and Alternate Reporting Working Group.

Since 2020, many funders have embraced new ways of interacting with their nonprofit partners and grappled with how to shift the grantmaking power imbalance. Reporting is no exception. Now is the perfect time to establish practices that center our nonprofit partners.

Join us for this follow-up to Part 2, as we begin to finalize our action plan with the group and engage a change management expert to support the next steps. If you missed Session 1, you can still register and attend Session 2.

You’ll be in a community with grants management professionals that have piloted new reporting methods, incorporating practices that enhance equity, transparency, and accessibility, as well as explore key lessons from engaging in systems change.

What will you learn?

  1. How to assess your current reporting process
  2. Strategies and examples to engage in systems change
  3. Tools to collaborate effectively with team members and nonprofit partners
  4. How to create an action plan to shift your current process

What else should I know?

This session is provided in partnership with Philanthropy New York. In summer 2021, PEAK created an oral and alternate reporting working group as a space for peers to share processes, lessons learned, and plans for engaging in this work together.

The group will meet in July and August to develop an action plan and continue to collaborate with organizational partners through the summer. We hope that through your participation we will see reporting practices shift significantly through 2023. We expect to collect baseline data at our first session and track progress over the next 12 months.


Satonya Fair

Rachel Kimber, Cochair
Vice-President, Grants Management
Smile Train

Marcus Walton

Blanch Vance, Cochair
Grants Manager
Grove Foundation


Complimentary and exclusive to Oral and Alternate Reporting Working Group members.


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