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Grants Management Professionals as Change Agents (PEAK Pacific Northwest)

Grants management staff are often responsible for sparking, managing, or leading change in their organizations—but change can be surprisingly hard, even when everyone agrees that it’s needed! This dynamic workshop will focus on the human dimensions of change management, including its emotional impact. We will discuss the types of change you are leading and introduce strategies for getting started, overcoming resistance, and making change stick in your organization.

Specifically, we will address the following elements:

  • Catalyzing change
    • How to interrupt the status quo and influence your organization from where you sit
  • Getting clear on the why
    • Connecting a proposed change to values and making the gap between what your organization says and does more visible
  • Change curve
    • The emotional experience of change
  • Getting off to the right start 
    • Setting a change process up for success – drawing from John Kotter’s Leading Change process
  • Technical change and adaptive change in grants management changes
    • Why isn’t this working when it looked so good on paper?

In 2022, we will offer three deep-dive sessions to delve into aspects of leading change, with an emphasis on peer coaching related to specific change work that participants are tackling. Each session will have a specific area of focus and an opportunity for peer coaching and practical problem-solving related to participants’ individual situations. Because these sessions will build on each other and focus on peer coaching, we ask that participants commit to all three.

Sessions will be shaped by participant interest, but may include the following:

  • Session 1: Individual leadership orientation
    • What is my leadership stance and disposition, and how can I show up as a leader in my organization? What does it mean to lead from the middle?
  • Session 2: The intersection of strategy, values and culture, and practice
    • Strategies for getting clear on strategy (what we are trying to accomplish) and values (how we want to be in the world) supports shifts in practice (how we do what we do)
  • Session 3: Power and influence
    • How to work with power from where you sit, build a coalition, and understand how resistance works (and what to do about it)

By allowing members a small group space to learn and share their experiences, participants will be able to bond and form cohesive relationships with each other. We can ultimately create a stronger chapter by creating a space for members to build trust and be willing to support each other outside of regular PEAK activities.


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Jessica Bearman
Bearman Consulting, LLC


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