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Spring Workshop Series | Narrowing the Power Gap and Implementing Flexible Practices


Sponsored by Foundant.

Starting March 17, and continuing on March 24 and 31, PEAK Grantmaking is offering a three-part workshop series to help you lead change and sustain flexibility in your grantmaking processes even as we start to come out of immediate crisis mode in our work. This program serves in the place of one of our typical pre-conference workshops, allowing participants to take a deep dive into a topic related to our PEAK2021 programming.

Each session will be facilitated by PEAK staff with invited speakers who will provide perspective on each of the topics. Please plan to attend all three sessions, as the concepts and learning will build upon each other as we go. Participants will be given reflection and learning activities ahead of each session and after the final session.


  • Organization Members $100
  • Individual Members $175
  • Non-members $250


Session 1: March 17
What is the Change We Want to See? 

Beginning with PEAK Grantmaking’s roots in Project Streamline, we will highlight the additional work that PEAK, with our members, has been doing to center equity as we focus on the process of grantmaking. In taking on the root causes of overly bureaucratic processes and shifting burden to nonprofits, we’ll examine the ways in which philanthropy can responsibly share power with their communities and loosen their hold on rigid processes in favor of trust-based relationships. We’ll focus on the concepts of transparency, accessibility, right-sizing, flexibility, feedback, and loosening unnecessary restrictions.

Session 2: March 24
Assessing Your Process and Mapping Your Change 

Once you determine your goals for practice change, the first step in making your case is collecting data and analytics on your current process, assessing for bottlenecks and redundancies, and highlighting areas of key burden for your nonprofit partners. We’ll workshop some common processes and practices to identify pain points (for your staff, and for nonprofits), and suggest ways to map your organization’s way from current practice to more trust-based practice.

Session 3: March 31
Leading from Your Seat 

None of us control every piece of the grantmaking process; so, in order to affect change, we must learn to be advocates – for ourselves, for the important work we do, and for our nonprofit partners. Ultimately, the easy part is the process; the hard part is the people. Learn with your peers about successful strategies to lead and implement change with real-world solutions for building change movements inside your organization.


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