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Standing with Community (PEAK Minnesota)

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted communities that you support. What’s emerging is that communities that had great disparities before are facing even greater challenges now. As foundations committed to social justice, you’ve committed to addressing the root causes of social, economic, educational, environmental, racial, and gender injustices. So, what does it mean to stand with communities?

Join the conversation, engage with your peers, and consider what you might do more intentionally, or differently, to ensure that philanthropy is accessible, accountable, transparent and responsive to communities during this troubling time.


  • Bo Thao-Urabe, Executive and Network Director, Coalition of Asian-American Leaders (CAAL)
    CAAL is social justice network of leaders with a mission to harness our collective power to improve the lives of community by connecting, learning, and acting together.

Fee: Free