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The Evolving Role of Grants Management (PEAK Rocky Mountain)

The role and function of grants management continue to evolve in organizations across the philanthropic sector. As a grants management professional, you are performing new roles, broadening your responsibilities, and expanding your impact throughout your organization. This time of change requires you to develop new skills, communicate differently, and look ahead to the future.

Whether you’d like to enroll in a professional development course, take the lead on a new project, or change a process to make your work more efficient, how you ask is just as important as why you are asking. Knowing some basic negotiating tactics and understanding the right way to prepare for your conversation can help you better advocate for yourself and position yourself as a strategic leader in your organization.

In this interactive session, we will discuss the evolution of the grants management model, the current state of grantmaking operations in your organization, and how you can reach the next level of effectiveness.

After the workshop, participants will gain the abilities to:

  • Audit your organization’s current stage in the grants management evolution model
  • Create strategies to advance your organization to the next stage in the evolution model
  • Develop professional development plans for your career growth
  • Promote the benefits of change to your organization’s leadership
  • Learn and practice effective tactics to reframe how you advocate for yourself to achieve the best possible outcomes
  • Understand how to use conversation as an opportunity to showcase yourself as a leader

Altinay Cortes, MSW
Chapter Manager, PEAK Grantmaking




Elizabeth Guthrie, MA, MPH
Conference and Events Manager, PEAK Grantmaking





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