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Tying Grant Practices to Foundation Values (PEAK NorCal)

The Northern California chapter of PEAK Grantmaking is pleased to present “Tying Grant Practices to Foundation Values” with Aimee Bruederle and Brooke Treadwell, grants officers at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

This interactive session explores the steps that the Hewlett Foundation took to define their Philosophy of Grant Practice and how it became a tool to foster alignment between Hewlett’s Guiding Principles and the foundation’s day-to-day policies and practices related to grantmaking. Participants will have the opportunity to design a similar step-by-step process to fit the context of their organization and to align grantmaking practices with their values. Participants will map out when and how this process could unfold and from whom they could seek buy-in. Participants will leave this session prepared to start a conversation at their foundation about creating greater alignment between their organizational values and grantmaking practices.

Participants are invited to attend this workshop whether or not they had the opportunity to join the PEAK2019 Conference session or recent PEAK webinar of the same name. Building on those prior engagements, this workshop enables participants to dive deeper into how they might operationalize the key steps of value-practice alignment at their organizations.

Insights include:

  • How to navigate common constraints foundations face as they seek to align grantmaking practice and values
  • How to build greater alignment between foundation values and practices and understand where alignment is challenging
  • How your organization could codify the relationship between its grantmaking practices and its values

Location and instructions:
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
2121 Sand Hill Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025

We encourage participants to carpool or use a rideshare service when traveling to the foundation, where possible. When you arrive, please check in at the front desk, get your name badge, and you will be guided to the right place.