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Walking the Talk: Putting Values-Based Grantmaking into Action (A Southwest Regional Chapter Event)

Join the Southwest (formerly Texas) Regional Chapter for this workshop presented by PEAK Grantmaking, followed by a networking lunch. Lunch will be provided.

All grantmakers have core values that motivate and inform their work, even if they aren’t explicitly stated. However, those values often aren’t reflected in their grantmaking practices, the most tangible indication to the world of a grantmaker’s values. When grantmaking practices and principles are out of sync, grantmakers may be unnecessarily taxing their resources and the nonprofits they serve. It may be time to begin an internal conversation about values and practices, which may be misaligned.
This workshop offers insights from grantmaking institutions that have linked values to practices, provides tools to advance the dialogue and build consensus about values and practices in your organizations, and increases grantmakers’ capacity to improve their organizations’ grantmaking practices.

Participants will:

  • Learn about research into the values of leading grantmakers
  • Identify practices that demonstrate values to the public and to grantees
  • Learn how to build consensus and start courageous conversations about values and practices
  • Share challenges to aligning practices with values

Melissa Sines, Effective Practices Program Manager, PEAK Grantmaking