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Webinar – Can Something Do My Work, So I Can Do My Job?

Competency Focus: Technology Management

Do you have those hamster-wheel days where you get things done but can’t seem to get ahead? The right technology can shift effort and energy away from administration… to allow greater focus on your organization’s mission. Look to software to do your work so you can do your job.

Join Bromelkamp Company founder and President Henry A. Bromelkamp to explore ways to leverage the power of your database. Learn how features such as workflows and two-way integration with CRM, Microsoft Outlook, GuideStar, MailChimp, payment systems, and outside data sources can automate routine tasks, so you can spend more time with your stakeholders. If you can think it logically, your technology can do it for you.

Participants will:

  • Understand how software can do more than record transactions
  • Discover that repetitive tasks can be “outsourced” to technology
  • Learn that your time may be limited, but software is not
  • Become aware of a world of data outside your office but not outside your reach

Henry A. Bromelkamp, Company founder and President, Bromelkamp Company LLC