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PEAK Grantmaking

Answers, Please!

Maybe you missed this crack-of-dawn tweet, but we’d really like to hear what you have to say in response to Nikki’s provocative question.

Do you think it would be desirable to drop the whole written grant application process? Would it be possible at your foundation?

What would it take to fundamentally revamp how grantmakers work? What assumptions and orthodoxies would have to be dismantled to allow this?

What parts of your process could you dispense with, and why? What aspects would you replace, and why? What would you want to keep, and why? Based on the whys, are there other ways to support and invest in important work that would be equally useful, but simpler?

Is there anyone making grants in a radically stripped down way that we should know about?

We’d love your answers! We want answers from funders and from nonprofits. Your responses can be tongue in cheek, completely sober, and explore the boundaries of wild and crazy creative thinking. If anonymity helps, please feel free to leave your name and organization off your comment – or email us at and we will keep your identity a secret. Please share!