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Because Change Can’t Wait: A grantmaking redesign shifts power at Stupski Foundation

In 2015, the Stupski Foundation was launched with a plan to spend down their philanthropic assets by 2029 – a pledge that has taken on even greater urgency in the face of the current confluence of crises.  Stupski has also appealed to other grantmakers to join them, citing a “growing movement to redistribute private philanthropic wealth back into communities instead of holding on to funds so their institutions can exist indefinitely.” Preciently, they have asked, “If we are to live our values, we must ask ourselves and our peers: What are we saving our endowments for?” The sharply rising demands of the moment have spurred a comprehensive redesign of the Foundation’s grantmaking process to move funds more rapidly to their nonprofit partners and the communities they serve. As CEO Glen Gailich puts it: “Philanthropy is uniquely positioned to act quickly. The only barrier to doing so is ourselves.” [peak-pullquote quote="Philanthropy