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PEAK Grantmaking

Champion a Culture of Allyship

Allyship is more than empathy. Allyship means seeing and leveraging the privilege you possess to be an active stakeholder in the interests of those with less privilege and a committed partner in changing the systems that diminish them. It means being self-aware, courageous, and committed to championing others. Conceptually, this might seem overwhelmingly complicated, but there are many simple things you can do to be a true ally. To help our members think about how they can champion a culture of allyship inside their organizations, we invited several PEAK members, partners, and friends to share their thoughts: Jaser Alsharhan, director of programs, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations; Kelsey Andersen, assistant vice president, grants associate, Citi Community Investing and Development, Citi Foundation; Richael Faithful, a healing justice practitioner; Rachel Gonzales, program director, Animal Assistance Foundation; Jody Marshall, housing opportunities program associate, Meyer Memorial Trust; and Jenny Zhang Morgan, grants officer, Robert W.