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PEAK Grantmaking

Going Big and Bold


In the past I have been told that my passion for going “big” and embracing change has served me well in my everyday work. I recently tapped into this mindset as a participant of the strategy team that assessed the brand and visual identity of the Grant Managers Network. The organization had reached a critical point and needed to consider how to take its vision and work to the next level. That’s why I am excited the organization is going “big” and changing its name to PEAK Grantmaking – Practice Meets Purpose.

I have been working in philanthropy for over 15 years and became involved with the member-led organization early into my career in grants management. Being new to the field, I remember leaning heavily on others in our field for guidance and support. Today, I am established in my career and have a better perspective. I can more easily assess where I have been, where I am, and where I would like to go.

As part of the strategy team, we found a similar evolution had occurred at the organization. In order for all of us to be at the top of our game, we needed to figure out how to enhance the experience for our more seasoned members as well as how to gain the insights of those who are just beginning a career in grants managements. PEAK Grantmaking represents the maturity and professionalism of our organization to do just that.

As a former board member, I can’t help but feel like this change is a “proud parent” moment. I have witnessed first-hand the various stages of development and growth for the organization and I know we are positioned right where we need to be. This is our opportunity to really stand out and lead.

When I first joined the board, we were a working board. All of us were actively working to understand the range of needs found among our membership and the kinds of resources needed to close those professional gaps. But now, we have grown to push our members beyond the practical and encourage them to take a deeper dive into their work. Recasting the name of our organization reflects this shared aspiration to develop and enrich our field even further.

What does the view from the PEAK look like? It’s grantmakers using knowledge to measure and evaluate the impact of their philanthropy. It’s grantmakers building upon and tapping into the collective expertise found in our sector. It is also about the journey – fostering intentional and dynamic connections among peers and industry leaders to shape what we do. I can say with confidence the organization that so many have come to rely on will be able to live up to this upgraded role.

PEAK Grantmaking – Practice Meets Purpose, inspires us to show the larger philanthropic sector that we are living our organizational values. As members, we intend to use this big and bold change to drive the future success of our work.