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PEAK Grantmaking

Grantmaking Practice Changes: For the movement, or just for the moment?

In two major surveys, conducted in 2020, hundreds of grantmakers weighed in on how they have changed their practices in response to our national crises, and how these changes might impact their longer-term approach.  The good news: Many have adopted a range of more flexible, responsive practices. What concerns us: Far fewer report implementing changes that explicitly advance racial equity, and those who do cite a lack of internal policies and frameworks as a key barrier in pursuing them for the long term. How grantmaking practices shifted from March to May A joint report from PEAK and Exponent Philanthropy, based on surveys from both organizations, revealed some positive changes related to grantmaking strategy and practice in the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic: 67% reduced application requirements and implemented more flexible requirements 64% eliminated or reduced reporting requirements 62% altered their typical process for grant decision-making 57% converted existing