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PEAK Grantmaking

Grants Management Systems Need to be Agile

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At, 2020 started out like any other year. We had big plans set in place for our direction and we were ready to tackle it all. Then, the pandemic hit and everything changed.

As we talked to nonprofits around the globe and in the Salesforce community, we heard numerous stories about how organizations feared they wouldn’t make it as fundraising targets were in jeopardy and providing direct services virtually was challenging. There were also stories of how grantmakers reached out to their nonprofit partners to determine who needed the resources the most and how they could help. They began to quickly pivot their funding schedules to get emergency response grants out the door to help their partners get resources to the communities who needed them the most.

But this didn’t come without challenges.

Grantmakers needed a way to get grants out the door quickly. They also needed a better way to manage the grant lifecycle virtually and in collaborative ways across teams. They also wanted to reduce the burden on nonprofits and make it easier to find and apply for funding opportunities so they in turn could receive the funds quickly. is a team of doers and problem solvers who build solutions to solve for common problems. So when we heard from our community that new problems were popping up to address the new normal, we knew technology was a critical part of solving these challenges. We wanted to arm grantmakers with an emergency response grants management solution that helps organizations across sectors get funds in the hands of partners and communities who need it most, and fast. We didn’t have to look far.

Outbound Funds Module was built by members of the grantmaking community through’s Open Source Commons program. It is a free and open source product and can be implemented quickly to allow grantmakers to track, manage and deliver their funding programs. Our amazing team at quickly created a grantee portal that can be stood up in as quickly as 15 minutes. Talk about rapid response.

But we didn’t stop there. It became clear to us that our path forward with our technology for grantmakers needed to adapt. sees the future of grantmaking as a community-driven, collaborative, and modern experience for both giver and recipient. As we are building our solutions, we’re gathering valuable input from customers, partners, leaders and other stakeholders in the grantmaking space to solve the evolving challenges of the sector.

Grantmakers were made for these moments. And is committed to providing the technology needed to help them equip communities to receive the investments they need to build resilience for an ever-changing world.

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