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PEAK Grantmaking

Happy National Philanthropy Day!

Every year on November 15, we celebrate the generosity of time, talent, and treasure that makes everyone a philanthropist. We’re incredibly fortunate that we get to express our love for humankind that is the very definition of philanthropy in our professional lives.

By being the people who make the grants happen, we change the world. This statement may sound lofty, but hear me out. You see, the work of grants management staff puts funds in the hands of nonprofit and other organizations. This fuels ideas and aspirations that otherwise may never be realized: ideas that might lead to new forms of energy, advances in medical procedures that save lives, or to programs that educate youth and prepare them for successful futures. With all that is at stake, the quality and efficiency of the execution of grantmaking practices is more vital than ever to realizing PEAK Grantmaking’s vision of an equitable world, in which people have the resources and opportunities to thrive.

So grants managers ARE changing the world. And the world is better for the work that our members do in their organizations, as volunteers in PEAK Grantmaking, and as volunteers in their own communities.

Please raise a glass with me (which will likely be filled with caffeine, the grants managers’ fuel) today in a toast to this incredible profession, the field of philanthropy, and, most of all, our grantees on the ground.

Want to learn more? Visit the National Philanthropy Day website for stories of more people who are changing the world.