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PEAK Grantmaking

Learn the Essentials at Your Convenience

Deepen your understanding in core areas of grantmaking knowledge with Learning Modules, a collection of courses you can explore at your own pace—based on your needs and your schedule.

Begin by watching a webinar (60- to 90-minutes in length) that examines a particular topic—like data visualization, transparency, or international grantmaking. Then, take a short quiz to assess your learning. A passing score of 70% earns you a certificate of completion, which you can add to your professional development portfolio!

Continue to improve your skills by studying the resources in each module and applying what you learn in your day-to-day work. There’s also a special CONNECT community where you can discuss your ideas with other learners. Read more about the Learning Module components.

Complete individual modules in response to immediate demands, or create a learning plan to earn certificates of completion for all 16 knowledge areas.

Access to Learning Modules is cost-effective. Organization Members and Consultant Members have free access to this resource.

Not a member? Make your professional development dollars stretch further and join today!