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PEAK Grantmaking

Letter from the Editors

What a year it has been, with the profound impact of the pandemic on our lives, our work, and those we serve. We are grieved by the escalating racial, economic, and health inequities and outraged by leaders who continue to exacerbate those inequities. And we are driven to increase the impact of our work at PEAK, and the work of philanthropy, to create a more just and equitable world.

Have we ever felt so keenly aware of the imperative for philanthropy to get it right – to bring the full measure of our resources and know-how to meet the challenges of the moment?

Hundreds of grantmakers have quickly pivoted practices to respond to urgent and growing community needs – by loosening or eliminating restrictions on grants, reducing the burden on nonprofits, increasing transparency in decision making, committing to listening to communities that are least heard, and supporting policy and advocacy efforts.

Where do we go from here? How do we take the lessons of this critical time and move beyond short-term, incremental change to truly reimagine grantmaking?

A movement is rising, spurred by the dawning recognition that powerful declarations are powerless, unless bold words are followed by bold action.

In this edition, we amplify the voices and programs of some of the changemakers who are challenging philanthropy’s long-held notions of risk, trust, and equity, as they chart a better way forward through transforming their grantmaking practices. Listen in as they challenge you to do the same.