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PEAK Grantmaking

Looking Down the Road Ahead

We have filled this edition of the Journal with perspectives that illuminate the shared experiences of grantmaking professionals as they have grown their strategic influence in the field. As you continue on your own career journey, know that you occupy a unique position from which to transform philanthropy. Unlocking that power and seeing yourself as a leader is easier and less lonely when you can find support within the larger community of grantmaking professionals. In closing, let’s reflect on some of the key themes with insights from our larger community, starting with these words from EPIP's Storme Gray: "Liberated leadership looks like me. It looks like you. It looks like all of us. Imperfect, but striving for progress. It looks like the people we would be if we didn’t have to worry about being judged or deemed unworthy. It looks like self-awareness, mutual accountability, vulnerability, humility, and trust." "Leadership Re/Imagined,"