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Member of the Moment: Andrea McCorkell

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Meet Andrea McCorkell, Community Engagement Coordinator at Peace Arch Hospital Foundation.

Q. How did you get into grants management?

I was in a fundraising support role and our organization needed someone to spend more effort on our Healthy Community grant program, to align with our organization’s Healthy Community strategic goal. Our organization has always funded hospital campus projects and equipment and is now increasing its funding and support of community-based programs, to help build a healthier community. The role of the Community Engagement Coordinator was created to help support the efforts of these goals, and I was asked to do the role.

Q. What’s your background (education and work)?

I have a Bachelor of Business Degree and a Social Service Work Diploma (both from schools in the province of Ontario, Canada). I had many years of corporate work in human resources and project management in various industries. After obtaining the Social Service Work Diploma, I held resident service management roles at Retirement homes. And then I entered the fundraising field!

Q. What’s your favorite part of the grants management job?

Assisting applicants with their application, being part of the committee’s assessment of each application, and notifying applicants that their project is approved for funding. I also very much enjoy visiting applicant organizations to see our funded projects in action.

Q. What frustrates you about your job?

The feeling that I’m always trying to catch up, I’m never ahead of the workplan. I wish I had more time to effectively put into place some process improvements, such as project tracking and reporting, and to really track the value realized of grants

Q. What do you wish your colleagues and coworkers knew about what you do?

I put a lot of effort and time into promoting the grant program, at community events and meetings, and at any opportunity available. Sometimes posters and social media marketing are not sufficient – the value of the conversation should not be lost. The grant management role is multi-faceted, which keeps things exciting.

Q. What do you wish every grants manager knew about their job?

Try to stretch your role into more opportunities beyond the core of the job and continue to add value to it. The role is very important to the organization, and it is an honour to contribute to that importance. Remember that the network of PEAK Grantmaking is there for you to leverage; keep connected with your national grant making colleagues by following the Connect online open forum digest where tips, best practices, learnings, and templates are shared.

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