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Member of the Moment: Mia deJesus

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Meet Mia deJesus, Grants Officer at Kenneth Rainin Foundation.


Q. How did you get into grants management?

I saw a job post for a grants assistant, searched the foundation, and realized that’s where I wanted to work. It was important to for me to find a job where I felt I was making an impact, that my work mattered.

Q. What’s your background (education and work)?

I have a BA in Anthropology. Looking to get a Masters. I love learning about people and why we do what we do. Before working at my current foundation, I worked at a consulting firm as the admin assistant to the chairman. Before that I was an office administrator at a doctor’s office. My work experience ranges from retail to hospitality to administration and even event planning. I’ve had my fair share of jobs.

Q. What’s your favorite part of the grants management job?

I love that I don’t have to choose what program to work for. I support my foundation’s entire mission, so it’s awesome to work with every department. It’s so nice to that I’m helping facilitate the amazing work my colleagues do to through our grant making process.

Q. What frustrates you about your job?

I think it’s a common misconception that grant administrators are just paper pushers. So, it can be a little frustrating when colleagues don’t think you are aware of the portfolio or that you have input to make things more efficient.

Q. What do you wish your colleagues and coworkers knew about what you do?

Oh, that I have lots of ideas, and that I’m ready to tackle evaluation and analysis. Oh, and that I really do enjoy reading applications and reports.

Q. What do you wish every grants manager knew about their job?

This job is all about collaboration. And, it’s so very rewarding.

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