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PEAK Grantmaking

New Member Benefits to Help You Learn and Grow

In 2018, PEAK Grantmaking is working to exceed our members’ expectations by delivering substantial new member benefits and resources. Our members have challenges in their daily jobs and we want to have solutions for them. As such, we are very excited to highlight some new ways that we are delivering content and resources – and solutions – to our members.

What are the skills needed by a grants management professional?

Enter, the Grants Management Professional Competency Model ! This model helps you define the skills and expertise needed to do the work of a grants management professional. Think about using this model to frame the conversation in your next performance evaluation (time to make the case for a promotion?!), assess your grantmaking team’s skills, and identify gaps. This model might also help you discuss or advocate for your complex role to others in your organization.

Available on PEAK Grantmaking’s website for all.

How do I fill the gaps to refine and develop my grantmaking skills and knowledge?

Enter, Learning Modules ! Improve your knowledge on some of the hottest topics in grants management. There are currently 16 modules with additional resources for continued learning – from financial planning, transparency, and board books, to capacity building, data visualization, and international grantmaking. A certificate of completion is awarded for passing scores on each module!

This benefit is exclusive to Organization Members and Consultant Members.

We hope these new benefits help you make a difference and succeed – in both your personal career and in your organizations!

Not a member – join us! Individual Membership is complimentary to all grantmaking professionals.