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PEAK Grantmaking

PEAK Grantmaking and Open Road Alliance Join Forces to Help Grantmakers Plan for Risk

Are you accounting for risk in your philanthropic investments?

Research shows that one in every five projects faces an unexpected roadblock and nearly half of all obstacles are funder created.

Yet, no industry standards currently exist for discussing, assessing, or planning for risk in philanthropic investments – specifically obstacles that could prevent a project or organization from achieving the desired social impact. Few funders assess this kind of risk during the grant application process, and even fewer have processes in place to monitor and respond to such risks once a project is underway.

That’s why Open Road Alliance and PEAK Grantmaking have partnered to bring you new tools and guides on how to maximize impact while being responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us. Together, we are focused on aligning values with best practices in risk management.

Our shared vision is to ensure that all of our commitments to progress and impact can sustain and thrive. We look forward to partnering with more organizations across the grantmaking community.

Open Road Alliance collaborated with Vera Solutions to develop an all-in-one risk management solution to identify different types of risk, monitor risk in relation to objectives/goals, and develop and track the completion of mitigation strategies.

To watch the webinar click below:

Tools and Best Practices to Identify, Manage, and Mitigate Risk with Vera Solutions and Open Road Alliance