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Here, you’ll find a roundup of what’s new and notable around PEAK Grantmaking, and ways you can tap into a growing array of member-exclusive resources, insights, and events to support your work – from the latest reports and “how-to” tools to interactive online courses and upcoming virtual events, our CONNECT peer-learning communities, and more.



Lead the way in putting principles into practice 

Created by and for our members, the Principles for Peak Grantmaking are a values-driven, equity-centered, practice-based roadmap for change. In 2019, we issued a call to transform the practice of philanthropy into the practice of principled grantmaking, as introduced in our white paper Courage in Practice, complete with a collective vision and action plan. In 2020 and 2021, we’ll be using the five Principles as a framework for educational content that equips you to inspire and lead equitable change in your practices. 

Explore our latest release: Drive Equity. In the face of the pandemic and resurgent movement for racial justice, philanthropy has made commitments to change its story: to be a better partner for leaders and communities of color, and to implement more equitable grantmaking practices. In July, we released a robust set of resources around our third Principle, Drive Equity, designed to help your organization live up to those commitments. 

Building upon and paired with resources for our first two Principles, Tie Practices to Values and Narrow the Power Gap, grantmakers now have an expansive collection of powerful tools to deploy in the service of justice, inclusion, and equity.

Including case stories, in-depth “how-to” guides, and our new and evolving Principles Communities of Practice, we’ve produced a comprehensive toolkit for Organization Members. All members can access case stories, along with resources like action planners, webinars, and insight roundups from the field. Find them all here

Coming in 2021: We’ll release resources, tools, and webinars to advance your work in the last two PEAK Principles: Steward Responsively and Learn, Share, Evolve. 

Online Course: Smart Risk Management for Greater Impact

Expand your knowledge around risk as you implement more flexible and streamlined grantmaking practices. This online course, created with input from our members and resources from PEAK and Open Road Alliance, features self-paced, interactive learning; real-world scenarios to provide context; and takeaway resources to support your continuing work, all focused on helping you better understand and manage risk throughout the grantmaking lifecycle. Complimentary for Organization Members and available to others for a fee. Get started here

Join our Communities of Practice 

Join peers dedicated to building practical tools, resources, and knowledge for grants managers working to achieve values-driven, equity-centered grantmaking practices. In addition to CONNECT forums, these communities provide members with structured learning and sharing opportunities – including webinars, live discussions, resource libraries, and expert Q&A sessions – around some of the most challenging and leading-edge topics in grantmaking practice. To join an existing community or suggest ideas for new Principles-focused communities, contact the team at

Virtual Learning Series: Philanthropy, Tech & Equity

This fall, and then on-demand, join PEAK, Technology Association of Grantmakers, GrantAdvisor, and Grantbook for a fresh new series on tech in philanthropy. Traditional grantmaking practices are being up-ended in light of a global pandemic and renewed energy around racial, social, and economic justice. So what’s taking tech so long to catch up? This four-part series will satisfy accidental techies, data nerds, and tech futurists alike with a journey of learning around philanthropy, technology, and equity. Follow us as we explore, step by step, some of the key components of building a movement. Learn more about the series

2020 Grants Management Salary Report

Since we produced our last salary report in 2016, the profession of grants management has been evolving rapidly – with the “how” of grantmaking increasingly recognized as central to organizational strategy. Explore our key findings along with salaries broken down by gender and race, grantmaker asset and type, region, job band, years in the profession, education, race, gender, sexual orientation, and ability or disability. DOWNLOAD THE report

2020 Consumer’s Guide to Grants Management Systems

Developed by Tech Impact’s Idealware, in partnership with PEAK and Grantbook, the 2020 Consumer’s Guide reviews 14 of the most widely used grants management systems against hundreds of requirements criteria developed with the expertise of consultants, vendors, foundation program officers, and system administrators. Download the guide


PEAK resources and insights are now just a click (or two) away

We’ve spent 2020 building out more streamlined and intuitive ways for members to search and access all that PEAK has to offer. Our expanded Resources section, launched this summer, collects all of our action planners, how-to guides, reports, and on-demand webinars in one place so you can quickly find what you need. Explore our resources collection

Our new job board

Explore the latest career opportunities posted by our community. Is your organization searching for a new team member? PEAK members are invited to add job postings at no cost. Simply login, complete our brief form, choose the length of posting, and you’re in! Explore THE board


PEAK’s member-exclusive online community, CONNECT, is your place to share ideas, discuss issues, offer advice, and network with other grants management professionals. A daily digest will keep you in the know, and you can easily search past contributions to find what you need when you need it. In addition to the all-member open forum, sign up for chapter forums and interest-based communities centered around areas like corporate grantmaking, small foundations, career development, and, coming soon, grants management systems and technology-related topics. Questions? Reach out to the team at