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PEAK Grantmaking

PEAK2022 in 22 Tweets

The PEAK community showed up in a big way for five days of programming, networking, peer learning, and camaraderie that brought much of the energy we miss from our in-person events. This was thanks, in part, to social media engagement where attendees and PEAK shared insights and reactions in real time, creating a living document of the entire event by using the #PEAK2022online hashtag. As we reflect on the event and start thinking about our 2023 conference in Baltimore, we combed through our social wall and Twitter feed and selected 22 messages that encapsulate the biggest lightbulb moments and hint at what the full conference experience was like. Be sure to follow #PEAK2022online on Twitter to get the full conversation and we hope to safely see you in person soon!

1. “It comes down to money and power when it comes to equity. We skirt around it, we keep saying things that sound good. I don’t want equity to be a fad. Equity should be like coffee. We should drink it every day in our practices.” —Vu Le @NonprofitAF @PEAKgrantmaking

2. “I hope to see, as a sector, we are funding orgs and comms at the scale of the problems that we are facing, that we are making bigger investments for bigger change.” —@rettaworld @PEAKgrantmaking

3. Be bold. Do not hold on to policies and procedures that are not serving you. Do not give up. Embrace failure. Try new strategies. Prioritize learning. Start mobilizing. Lessons learned from @NonprofitAF and @rettaworld during #PEAK2022online
Exponent Partners, @Exponent_SF

4. “The philanthropic sector wants to be more equitable and practice trust-based philanthropy. If we are the ones who have the power, will our grantees tell us the truth? How to address the power differential?” —@AikoBethea @PEAKgrantmaking

5. @MeganReitz1 on advantage blindness: “When you have titles or labels that convey authority, you’re often the last person to really notice the impact those labels have on other people’s ability to speak up.” @PEAKgrantmaking

6. “Sometimes we’re the problem. The patriarchy and power structure we work in. We have to flip it.” — Sherece West-Scantlebury @wrfound @PEAKgrantmaking

7. “Collaborative funding is the hardest thing for funders to do. There is a culture of individualism. The way in which we will leverage the full power of philanthropy is to put the resources together.” —@SBatten @ABFE 

8. “Why are we back sliding into bureaucracy again after proving we could do grantmaking much more simply and quickly in 2020.? The crisis is still here.” @crojasphd at #peak2022online
GlassPockets by Candid, @Glasspockets 9. Change management = project management that involves those impacted, plans for the impacts, and (IMPORTANT!) motivates those affected to desire the change. – Lisa Nespeca, ChangeVantage #PEAK2022Online
Jennifer Katell, @jkatell

10. “Those closest to the pain should be closest to the power”
Mokone’ a ntšhi di Kgolo, @TshepoMathekga

11. YES!! Say it louder Nikki Brown-Booker, program officer of the DIF @BorealisPhil “We shouldn’t be the only group doing this [disability justice funding]…every foundation should be making this a priority of theirs.”
Sandy Ho, @NotYourAvgHo101

12. We need to be supportive of the radical disrupter, willing to get in good trouble. @MashaChernyak @stewarturs @RolandKennedyJr @jenbo1 and Susan Hairston
Wanda Montalvo, Ph.D, @Montalvo501

13. “Rather than looking at what success looks like from the organization’s standpoint, we want to focus on what success looks like from community partners’ perspectives.” —Catherine Bryan, First Nations Development Institute @FNDI303

14. “We don’t fail when we invest in building strong relationships with our partners.” —Victoria Flint @healthymatsu

15. “What’s unique about participatory grantmaking, & at our Disability Inclusion Fund, is that we’re already at the table. The closer we are to the ground, the more we can make better choices about our grantmaking.” —@NikkiBrownBook1 @BorealisPhil

16. “As funders, we need to learn from the [pandemic] discomfort and not go back to the status quo. Specifically for grant managers, if you figured out more efficient & effective ways to get resources into community, then keep doing that.” —Daniel Lemm @BlandinFound

17. “How can we make every piece of the funding relationship relevant to the organization too, so they’re not just doing it for the funder. … Make a case for how we address the need, not that there is a need. Let’s jump into the real work.” —@RisaJaz @WeAreDisLead

18. “We’ve been far more successful partnering with the foundation as opposed to trying to determine what they want.” —@drsabrinarobins of @AHIappleton talking about how to move away from and heal from inequitable grantmaking practices at #PEAK2022online
Grantbook, @grantbook

19. 36,000 organizations are now sharing some sort of demographic data with Candid. What the data shows: “Is there enough data, a critical mass, to start drawing conclusions? I say yes, there is.” —@CathleenClerkin
Candid, @CandidDotOrg

20. Thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon’s PEAK Midwest talk on 3 approaches to philanthropy with Dr. Kathi Badertscher of @IUPhilanthropy. Even better that I got to spend the breakout talking about trust-based philanthropy and its applications here in the midwest.
Lauren Janus, @laurenjanus

21. @PEAKgrantmaking conference has been amazing! Highlights include opening keynote w/ @NonprofitAF and @rettaworld the black caucus connections, @CEPData session on creating lasting change, & of course the @PeakNortheast chapter meeting! The spirit of NOLA was felt throughout.

22. There’s so much LIGHT & JOY in this moment. Let’s keep finding the courage to build the world of our dreams! Starting with ourselves, our teams, & foundations. DEI +belonging all day, every day.
Masha Chernyak, @MashaChernyak