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Small But Mighty: Exercising Out-Sized Influence

Led by their thoughtful board of directors, the Hill-Snowdon Foundation used courage and creativity to evolve into the 2014 National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy’s Impact Awardee.

In our latest Successful Structures case story, we showcase how the Hill-Snowdon Foundation moved incrementally, but deliberately, to connect grants management, strategy, and impact.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll read in the case story:

True integration requires intentionality. Hill-Snowdon’s practice emerges from an explicit articulation and pursuit of values, signaled by the Foundation’s use of the phrase “grassroots partner,” rather than “grantee,” and summed up this way by Executive Director Nat Williams: “All staff and board operate in service to partners.”

The result: Hill-Snowdon’s staff and board meetings are open to all, with responsibilities well-defined but information flowing freely throughout the organization. Grassroots partners are encouraged to speak with any of the Hill-Snowdon staff. The openness applies to board relationships as well. Christine Harris explains: “Our board is small, too, so we all have relationships. And we all understand the strategy and conversations about strategy, because we are living it every day.”

To read more, download this short case story.

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