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PEAK Grantmaking

The CONNECT Toolbox

So many PEAK Grantmaking members are using CONNECT, PEAK Grantmaking’s online discussion forum, to share ideas, find resources, and build their professional network. Here are some CONNECT features that will help you make the most of this active community.

Member Directory

The member directory is a powerful networking tool. Use it to find PEAK Grantmaking members, for example, by the grants management system they use or by the type of their organization, such as community foundation or public charity. Recently a member was trying to find a program speaker from her area. I suggested she reach out to members in her state to ask for suggestions using the regional chapter search.


Before posting a question to the Open Forum, you may want to search the more than 3,000 messages already in CONNECT. Members have conducted nearly 5,000 searches in the last year—with terms like docusign, religious, and scoring in the mix. Conversations include valuable advice and examples of policies and procedures in active use by fellow grants managers—don’t reinvent the grantmaking process! It’s easy to post a message to an existing thread to ask for clarification or to expand on the original question. The search box is at the top right of every CONNECT page. Watch this short video to learn more.

Mobile App

Time is precious, and many of us have gone the multi-tasking route. The CONNECT app will keep you in the know even when you’re waiting for your coffee to brew or pedaling on that journey to nowhere at the gym. Search PEAK Grantmaking in your app store to download.

And, have you kept up with what’s new in CONNECT in 2017? Members can learn more.