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Weekly Reader – April 17, 2017

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, April 17

Five Elements of a Thriving Justice Ecosystem: Pursuing Deep Equity (Sheryl Petty and Amy B. Dean, Nonprofit Quarterly) This shift—from competition to collaboration, from single issues to intersectionality, from scarcity to collective abundance—requires something different from us as actors for justice and as the intermediaries, capacity builders, and grantmakers who support them.

Tuesday, April 18

Where in the World is Big Philanthropy? Not in the Deep South (Ruth McCambridge, Nonprofit Quarterly) The Deep South has been neglected by philanthropy, particularly as regards investments in grassroots power-building, the very activity arguably most likely to shift entrenched political dynamics.

Wednesday, April 19

Trump Budget Proposal Raises Worries: Could AmeriCorps Disappear? (Eden Stiffman, The Chronicle of Philanthropy) City Year’s annual summit in Washington is typically a celebration of the education nonprofit’s achievements, as well as a strategy session on what comes next. This year’s gathering took on a darker tone as the nonprofit faced an alarming question: Could AmeriCorps, the federal program that has for more than two decades helped supply vital manpower to charities like City Year, simply go away?

Thursday, April 20

The Hidden Value of Corporate Philanthropy (Alicia Palmieri, The Front Row) A competitive salary. Health benefits. A hip workspace. These are all elements in attracting and retaining a stellar workforce. But in addition to health, prosperity and happiness, many employees crave something else in their work — they want to make their community and the world around them a better place.Enter: corporate philanthropy.

Friday, April 21

How Will Philanthropy Respond to the Call? (Crystal Hayling, Center for Effective Philanthropy) Civil society has led the massive response to the alarming assaults on democracy and our nation’s highest aspirational values. Nonprofits are on the frontlines in communities across the country. How will philanthropy get proximate, listen, and respond to these communities’ 9-1-1 call?


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