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PEAK Grantmaking

Weekly Reader – April 8, 2019

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, April 8

Equity for Native American Communities: Using Mission Investments Alongside Grants (Kevin Walker, SSIR) How building relationships with Native communities can lead to economic and culturally grounded social impact for the long term.

Tuesday, April 9

Charting a New Course for a Funder Collaborative (Meera Mani and Janet Froetscher, CEP Blog) Despite the longstanding relationships and deep trust that brought these funders together, after two years of meetings, we found ourselves stalled.

Wednesday, April 10

Emerging Data Suggest More Foundations Are Supporting the Pro-Immigrant Movement (Kristina “Yna” C. Moore, NCRP Blog) However, grant dollars are scarce in regions where threats to immigrant communities are high.

Thursday, April 11

Building and Sustaining Momentum: A National Learning Network (Sandra Cyr, Philanthropy Journal) Our investment in On the Table over the past three years confirmed that when we come together — to listen to and learn from each other — we have the power to create meaningful, sustainable change.

Friday, April 12

Doing Greater Good for the Greater Good (Ellie Buteau, PhD, CEP Blog) Because of what philanthropy can achieve and because of this significant number of new foundations being created, it’s particularly important for leaders of early-stage grantmaking organizations to seize the opportunity to start strong.