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Weekly Reader – August 20, 2018

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, August 20

Banking Against Urban Poverty: Inside JPMorgan Chase Philanthropy (David Callahan, Inside Philanthropy) The once sleepy world of corporate philanthropy has been perking up lately. An older model of giving—which often involved cutting lots of checks to local charities without asking many questions—is giving way to a more focused and strategic approach. Many businesses are now looking to tap the full range of their assets to make a measurable impact on a specific set of problems.

Tuesday, August 21

Making the Case for Data Disaggregation to Advance a Culture of Health (PolicyLink) There are many compelling reasons to build and maintain a much more robust practice of disaggregating data below the level of major racial groups and linking that data to the factors that influence health.

Wednesday, August 22

Donor-Advised Funds: How to Make Sure They Strengthen Our Communities (Douglas Kridler, Alicia Philipp, Lorie Slutsky, Steve Slezenow, and Max Williams, NPQ) We recognize that growth in dollars alone is not the goal; the betterment of our communities is. To achieve our mission, we need DAFs to be a tool that helps us actively partner with community groups to address their needs.

Thursday, August 22

Funding the South: The Path Forward Starts With Trust (Allistair Mallillin, NCRP) It is our responsibility as funders to fund over the long-term to support grant partners that can fight for structural changes. In the South – and throughout the country – the path towards social justice starts with trust.

Friday, August 23

New Report Sheds Light On Global Funding Trends By U.S. Foundations (Janet Camarena, Glasspockets) With mounting challenges that transcend national boundaries, it’s increasingly important to understand how funds are being allocated to tackle global issues. Now, thanks to this report, we have a window into the scope and growth of institutional philanthropy as a global industry.

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